Whilst two foot longer than her predecessor the current Lutine is 30% lighter.  How?  Modern yacht designs use a sandwich construction to save weight, with solid laminate used in areas requiring extra strength.  In addition the X55 has a carbon fibre rig, with a strength to weight ratio far outperforming a conventional mast.  It all adds up to be a real thoroughbred.

Like her predecessor, the Swan 53, the X-55 benefits from a hydraulic backstay and vang, but has the added advantage of two speed genoa winches, electric mainsheet winches and even an electric halyard winch.  It doesn't preclude anyone from "grinding" but for those who want a more leisurely sail it makes sail handling a doddle.  Even when it comes to dropping sail  at the end of the day the "Park Avenue" carbon fibre boom makes it easy, effortlessly catching the sail as it is dropped.

As for the sail wardrobe we are awaiting delivery of both a new cruising main and genoa and a new racing main and genoa.  That together with the symmetric and asymmetrics it comes with, and the distinctive "Lloyd's" asymmetrics which we will be bringing across from the Swan (they are being re-cut for the new boat) will make sure that the X-55 is equipped for any eventuality.  

A number of club members have had the pleasure of sailing on an X-50, a slightly smaller version of the same boat, and if that is anything to go by the new Lutine should be well positioned to take line honours when racing and, if raced properly, place well on handicap.  

It all has the potential to make for a very exciting racing capability the likes of which the club has not seen for many a year. If you are interested in being part of it contact any of the committee who can let you know what we have in store over the coming season.