Tom Bailey

A long standing committee member, Tom is Commodore having previously managed the charter bookings for Lutine.

Employment: Director, Tempo Underwriting

Gavin Stanley
Vice Commodore

Gavin has returned to the committee after a short spell away and is currently responsible for the club’s racing.

Employment: Financial and Professional Lines Underwriter, Everest Insurance
Enrico Nanni
Rear Commodore Club
Enrico brings the European element to the Committee and looks after all things Club for us.

Employment: Director, Aon
Luke Savage
Vice Admiral and Treasurer

As well as being Treasurer Luke also spends some of his time sailing!

Employment: NED
Tim Blackstone
Rear Commodore Sailing

Tim has been on the Committee for several years and is responsible for all operational sailing aspects of the Club including the coordination of Club Weekends and running the team of volunteer Club Weekend Skippers to ensure we all get out on the water.
Amy Lacey 
Membership Secretary

Amy is an active member of the club and has joined the committee as membership secretary

Employment: Partner, Fenchurch Law
Felicity Burling
Under 35's representative

Felicity recently joined the committee as the under 35s secretary, helping to promote the club to our younger members.

Employment: Associate, HFW
Philip Oxford
Over 60's membership

Philip is responsible for the over 60’s, ensuring they are looked after and have events organised.

Employment: Retired

Jay Patel
Website and Charters

Jay recently joined the committee and helps out with the website and with charter bookings.

Employment: QBE
Annabel Savage
Newsletter and Social

Annabel joined the committee this year, helping out with the newsletter and organising social events.

Sam Brentall
Newsletter and Social

Sam has joined the committee to assist with the newsletter and social events.

Employment: Director, Marsh
Neil Armstrong
Lutine Technical Work

Neil has previously been Skipper of Lutine, and is our only skipper to have held the position over 2 yachts (the Swan and the X-55).  He is currently looking after Lutine's welfare.

Employment: Surveyor / Adjuster, Charles Taylor
Isabelle Peterkin
Club Secretary

Isy, an on-shore and off-shore legend,  joined the Committee some time ago now, and looks after the admin for the club.

Employment: Head of Underwriting Management, DUAL
Vivienne Russell
Committee Member
Employment: Technical manager, International licences, Lloyds
Liz Lotz 

Liz is Admiral of the club, having held the Club Secretary, Rear Commodore Club, Vice Commodore and Commodore roles.  An active Sailor and boat owner, she has recently taken a post back on the Committee to assist with marketing and merchandise.

Employment: Head of Binder Analytics, THB Amwins

Noreen Boyhan
Marketing Communications

Noreen is an active member of the club and her role is to manage all Marketing Communications, Media relations and sponsorship activities. 
Employment: Group Marketing Communications at Intertek Group Plc.