After 15 years of the Nautor Swan 53 we bought a new boat at the start of 2015 - an X55 - that brings us much more in to the contemporary world of sailing. The photos on this website are of the new boat itself along with a few "stock" pictures from X-yachts. As you can see it is very different !

The club's new boat is currently running at full capacity - a significant uptick from her predecessor and a demonstration of how it has helped to reinvigorate the club. The boat was built in 2010, spent three years cruising and racing in the Mediterranean before spending a year ashore on the South Coast. The boat was one of the last of that generation of X-55's to be built so will have benefited from the learnings of the earlier boats. It is undoubtedly a more "sporty" boat than its predecessor, the Nautor Swan 53, weighing in at about 2/3rds of the weight despite being 2 feet longer. Much of the saving comes from the improvement in hull construction techniques over the past two decades. Whilst the Swan was a solid laminate the X-55 has a sandwich construction - with a "Divinycell" core that makes it just as strong as a solid construction but at a substantially reduced weight. Likewise above deck the carbon fibre mast saves some 30% versus an aluminium equivalent. Engines too have come a long way over the years, with the use of composite materials enabling the engine to deliver 110hp compared to the Swan's 75bhp - but with no increase in weight.

Now approaching its third season with the club we are convinced it was the right move given the big pick up in interest for chartering, cruising and club racing. Click through to Lutine's Programme to book your slot and see what an eXcellent choice the X boat really is.